What I love the most as a wedding photographer is to capture in one shot the best of your emotions. Because every second of your life is unique and every single detail counts. In every picture, I choose to highlight authenticity, spontaneity and elegance in a place you like and you feel connected to, because you’re unique in every moment of your life.

Through my documentary style, you’ll get pictures that look like you. My pictures tell your story, and they’ll keep telling it for a long time…

Miami Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Wedding Photographer in Miami and France


With a distinctive ability to capture the timeless substance of events in images marked by elegance and emotion, Lukas has gained international recognition from his peers (WPJA & Fearless Photographers). Using photojournalism as a starting point, he infuses every shoot with a distinct artistic sensibility—an approach he has come to term “fine art documentary photography.”

Having extensive experience living internationally, Lukas has a special ability to pick out the unique beauty of varying cultural traditions—something he is able to do whether the wedding is in Miami, New York, Paris, French Riviera, Toulouse or a more exotic destinations.

miami vizcaya wedding engagement photography

Miami Engagement Photography


Because you are unique each moment of your life. That moment outside the context of the wedding is ideal to be yourself and in a personal and familiar environment. In the mountains, at the beach, lost in the urban jungle of New York City or alone on a heavenly island at the other end of the world, I am always delighted to follow my newlyweds.

Award Winning Photographer


Some Of Our Fantastic Wedding Shots

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